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The purpose of is to provide barrier-free access to Edwards-Miller Foundation, software supplies, educational materials and funds, recreational and leisure products,?medical equipment , and business initiatives for mothers with special needs and their children. The unique feature of is that mothers with special needs and their families will be able to engage in one-stop shopping via the Internet in order to obtain goods, services, and products with little or no limitations. In addition,  will serve as a shopping center for friends and family to attain gifts or supplies for mothers with special needs and their children. ?/font> was created by a blind mother of two children . Kathy R Foster Holmes-Bass, the breitling replica uk founder and creator of this site, tragically became blind overnight in 1996. At the time that she lost her sight, Kathy was thirty years old. Her younger child, Foster, was two months, two days old and her older child, George, was three years, ten days old. Her overnight blindness was a result of the loss of her optic nerve due to a severe bout of meningitis and encephalitis. After six months of her mother's prayers and constant medical attention, in 1996, it was conclusively determined that this young woman would never regain her sight. Since 1996, Kathy has struggled with many major medical battles. Although she has been challenged medically, the greatest concern that she has had as a mother is the impact that her disability could potentially have on her children. The greatest difficulty that Kathy has faced throughout these years as a mother with special needs is the inaccessibility of services. As a result of her personal difficulties, Kathy R Foster Holmes-Bass decided at the end of 2004, to create Moms With Special Needs.

Kathy R Foster Holmes-Bass's vision is that with assistance and support a special needs mother can provide as much if not more to herself and her children as any other mother.

In May 2006, Kathy was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She has undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. She is still under close medical supervision at a National Institute of Health facility in Washington, D.C. Her medical routine includes daily chemotherapy and a host of other medical interventions. Although she lives in Atlanta, GA, at the end of August 2006, she was approached about going to another state for treatment. Kathy is deeply saddened by these turn of events and is in an aggressive battle with the Breast Cancer due to her other medical conditions. Her children , now eleven and fourrteen, are still the joys of her life. Kathy appreciates the support she has received from the American Cancer Society. Kathy would like for you to donate monies to so that she can continue to fight against Breast Cancer. Kathy states that, "'I am going to wear that Pink Ribbon one day." Please donate to Kathy's latest cause: sheer determination and courage with support financially and emotionally are all needed for any woman facing a life-threatening or life-changing event. Kathy wishes to thank Mercy Moble US Airways for transporting her back and forth to Washington for treatment at GeorgeTown Medical Center since October 2006. Please make a purchase and/or monetary contribution to

Kathy's Motto is " To God be the Glory".

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