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The Creators
Kathy R Foster Holmes-Bass is the founder of this company,  At the age  of 30, she lost her vision overnight to a severe bout of meningitis and encephalitis. At the time of this occurrence, in 1996, Kathy's older child George Bass was 3 years 10 days old and her younger child Foster Bass was two months two days old. Eight years later, in 2004, Kathy's life has been a journey of challenges, opportunities, laughs, and smiles. Since the loss of her sight, Kathy has been featured on a PBS documentary (1999). In 1999, Kathy was also hired blind as a adjunct faculty member where she taught a upper-division social work course to sighted students at a major university. After extensive rehabilitation training, Kathy was accepted and enrolled in a PhD program at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. She has successfully completed all her coursework in the School of Public Policy at the university and is currently working on her dissertation research in the area of Micro enterprises. Kathy's greatest accomplishment is that her two sons, George and Foster, are both in the gifted programs at their respective schools. Kathy believes that her children are well adjusted to life and a joy to the world. Kathy R Foster Holmes-Bass interest is in supporting other mothers with special needs as they soar to succeed in life. Kathy R. Foster Holmes-Bass has created this company, to improve the quality of life for all mothers through information and referral services, access to Edwards-Miller Foundation, and accessibility for shopping and purchasing necessary items and recreational materials without leaving home. Her philosophy is that her journey, although seemly tragic,  will open doors for other special needs mothers to make what is difficult ,exciting , and adventuresome. Kathy R Foster Holmes-Bass's vision is that with replica watches uk assistance and support a special needs mother can provide as much if not more to herself and her children as any other mother.

Kathy's Motto is " To God be the Glory".

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